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Is there ANY WAY you can make these easier to download? I'd like to use a download manager to download them all quickly, rather than clicking the link... wait for page to load... download file... click the link... wait for page... :banghead: you get the point, I am sure...

Please, make it easy on us... :cry: add it all to one file zipped up for a mass DL or allow us to drag the links into a download manager to save us users some time, I can't spend the hours it would take to get all of these files, and I'd like to have them more than anything! I am about to pay my friend to do this for me while I am @ work!! Thank you for reading :werd:
sure, just hand us a check paying for the massive bandwidth you are going to use and I'm sure Edman will be glad to offer you a special page with all the files to download at once :rolleyes:
This gives me an idea, maybe we can do something like "Donate to the site, and you can download all files at once", and let staff members and news posters have the privilege too. Because it would be too server intensive to let everyone do it, the site already goes through well over a terrabyte of bandwidth a month.

Besides... why do you need all the files. Are you really listening to all of them??
snesmusic.org had a torrent download for their spc packs.
Maybe we could do something like that too? Of course, torrents aren't exactly dialup friendly. :p
snesmusic.org had a torrent download for their spc packs.
Maybe we could do something like that too? Of course, torrents aren't exactly dialup friendly. :p

That is what I was thinking...even though he may have dial-up, it might be easier for him to get that way rather than individually (when I was on dial up I think I'd have preferred it since it could mean that I would be able to set it up and just leave it). I was thinking of setting one up but I've been too lazy to download all our music files. If we want to do that, I could probably set them up to download with the FlashGot Firefox plug-in without too much trouble.
Well... what if some company suddenly claims all downloads of their sounds and says your complete package is illegal? I think that would push you into defense.
As long as all downloads are separate you can take down one or two if necessary.

But perhaps this consideration is just a little paranoia.

If you want to offer a complete "collection" download you should think about premium user accounts. It's not unfair to all standard users, since you still offer all files for free but separated. It's just an extra service for all who don't want to wait. The easiest way would be a paypal account.
I don't think any companies have cared about music downloads in these forms. I guess you make a good point, I just have never heard of a website being taken down for hosting SPC files, or PSFs or what have you. Certainly companies have had the chance to protest these files.
I doubt the legal department of any company is even able to figure out what an SPC file is. They are having a hard enough time with ROMs.
In an off note: lol Reaper. I don't know how many times I've said something about someone not being able to use Google. Makes you wonder huh?

I think 9th Sage has an excellent point.

I was thinking the FlashGot Firefox plug-in that 9th Sage suggested was a good idea. You can just select the downloads you want and although it won't make it faster it will keep downloading them until you have them all. Besides a large file would be even worse if your on dial-up. It would take ages.

It has been used with success on other sites with lots of files. Try it out if your using FireFox. If not, I'm sure there are other programs/plug-ins that do similar or the same type of things.
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