SPC music archive incorrect?


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I have noticed that many of the sets in the music archive are incorrect and inaccurate because they are not directly from snesmusic.org and are missing several tracks.


The Super Wild Card is missing one of the tracks present in the snesmusic.org's version (Hell I made the set. p=) why is there so much missing/changed? It's annoying to some degree.
I knew this debate would come up sooner or later.

I refer you to the following comment, taken from SNESMUSIC.org's wiki for our website.

"Please, do *not* just download a set from Zophar's and submit it to us as-is. The greater majority of the SPC sets there are raw soundtest dumps that contain little to no relevant info, and are often entirely untitled. (No, "Track ##" or "Unknown Song ##" do not count as a set being properly titled.) If you wish to submit a set listed here, we would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to play through the game and redump and retag the set yourself. SNESMusic.org is not intended to be a "mirror" of Zophar's, and we would like to keep it that way."

If that's the way they feel about our website, the feeling is mutual as far as I'm concerned. Now, please also bear in mind that this comment was made a long time ago, well before I joined the staff and did that massive cleanup of our own SPC section. If the webmasters at SNESMUSIC.org wish to revise that comment in light of my undertaking, that's their prerogative.
well, if you feel that what is on their page regarding us is inaccurate, then feel free to contact them about it.
You guys do know that video game music is copyrighted and that offering SPCs for download is illegal, right?
You guys do know that video game music is copyrighted and that offering SPCs for download is illegal, right?

Technically, sure. In this case I personally don't have a problem with it. Not the same thing as distributing an entire ROM of a game to me. 99% of the games here, you probably couldn't buy the music anyway.
Oh, in that case I'll dig up some links to prototype ROMs to post.

What's that have to do with SPCs? I'm not implying we want to start distributing ROM files. I just don't really see SPCs as being the same thing. I know we've never had any problems with them in the past, and it isn't like companies like Nintendo are unaware of the site (see: the entire flash linker drama). Doesn't really seem like the same thing as getting the game for free. If they actually cared I'm sure sites like snesmusic.org, here, or Akumu's NSF mirror, for example, would have been shut down (or at least been made to take them down) a long time ago for distributing them. There are tons of ROM sites out there, but I do know that they at least occasionally get into legal trouble.

In a way it's not that different with patches. Sometimes they can be a grey area as well. Anyway, you are taking what I'm saying in a direction I don't mean, though you probably realize that. :p
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I'm taking it in the direction that I took it in when the music archive was added to this site many years ago. Anyone who tries to claim that music files are anymore legal than ROMs are full of shit. Just because nobody has tried to shut down a music archive doesn't make it anymore legit. The very existence of the archive, to me, says that nobody gives a shit about the moral stance they pretend to take against distributing ROMs, they're just afraid of getting in trouble for doing it themselves.
they're just afraid of getting in trouble for doing it themselves.

At any rate, taken under advisement. Anyway, it's really not my decision what to host (except on these boards, where it'd be up to me and Reaper Man) anyway, now that I think about it some more. If you'd like to, you could always PM Edman about it, or I can forward your concerns to him.
I don't have an issue with the music files being hosted here, I just have an issue with people who are stupid enough to believe that they're somehow legal or morally different than ROMs. If you want to forward my concerns to Edman, however, you can let him know that the entire layout of the site fucking sucks. :D
I'm not saying that SNESmusic.org is always right but or trying to determine legal validity of hosting SPC files here but there are just some minor inconsistencies with the current archive... Well what I am saying is that Zophar's SPC archive was fine before it had a massive overhaul. I'll give an example: When I submitted my Super Game Boy 2 bios SPC dump, someone added YK to the tagger list while he rightfully isn't the tagger, I am.

Also, Many stuffs were removed when added here like sound effects. They are part of he set, are they not?
The problem I personally have with most, if not all, of the sets at snesmusic.org is the fact that they delibrately choose not to NAME THEIR FILES. I don't care if the tagging is meticulous. If the files for Chrono Trigger are named ct-101.spc, ct-102.spc, ct-103.spc, etc. I will give preference to those sets which have their files named. I don't have time to run entire archives through SPC Renamer and fix everything.
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I agree with you on that part and I also hate when the rsns themselves are ct or smw for Super Mario World. I was talking about the Super Game Boy 2 bios.
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My bad on looking at SGB1 instead of SGB2. I'll edit that section out of my previous post.

I just checked the currently-hosted set on snesmusic.org for Super Game Boy 2. Looks like they were the ones that added YK's name to the tagger list, so again the issue lies with them.

Oh yeah, not to mention that not everyone uses a plugin which recognizes the .rsn extension. (Granted, it's just a manual rename of a .rar archive, but again, who has time to rename 1200 sets?)
(Granted, it's just a manual rename of a .rar archive, but again, who has time to rename 1200 sets?)

Why would anyone manually rename 1200 of anything when it's on a computer? That would be the equivalent of Flintstoning your car because you don't know how to turn the key in the ignition.
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