Sonic 3 GYMs


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The archive only has the S3+K music. There are a few different tracks (such as the credits or Knuckle's theme). Is there any reason for that, and could it perhaps be fixed? Thank you.
We only supply the music, we don't rip it ourselves. You're more than welcome to rip it and submit it to us.
I knew about the VGMs already. It's just that I happen to have a GYM2MID converter that I need the music for. I do also have a VGM2MID converter, but it doesn't seem to like those files. 1.50 compatibility issues, I guess.

Thanks, anyway. I'll try to rip it myself.
Well, it would appear that I am a terrible ripper, as my rips sound like crap, especially when converted to MIDI. Would anyone have any clue why the VGM2MID.NET converter doesn't seem to like ANY VGMs at all? Or am I just stupid? :banghead:
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