Some 3D Asteroids clone I'm working on


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So I wanted to experiment with 3D... and decided "a first person 3D asteroids clone would be a nice, easy first project and would be kind of fun"

So I got started. Been working on it for a little while... it's still not really a game (no collision detection or anything), but it's kind of a neat demo.

*see attachment*

Figured I'd post it here because I'm bored. Weeeeeeeeeee

SDL+OpenGL. If you don't have SDL or you get some missing function error when you try to open it, I've uploaded the version of SDL I'm using</a>. You can also get it from http://libsdl.orgSDL's site</a> I'm sure. I'm pretty certain it's the most recent version.

You might also get weird MS dll errors -- which crop up when you build SDL programs in VS (which is what I'm doing). You can probably find the needed DLLs online -- I'm too lazy to upload them now. I plan on building the final version in mingw or something, so that won't be an issue when the program is done.

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Fails for using open source, cross-platform libraries and making it Windows only. Let me know when there's a Mac version. <img src=smilies/thumb.gif>
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I'm not in a position to test out what you have made, unfortunately, but I wanted to tell you about a game you should look at. Darxide, for the 32X, is exactly like 3D asteroids, and it's not bad. For a 32X game, it's way above average, and it has the best graphics on the system. If you've got a halfway decent computer, try loading the game with Gens, and before doing so, go into the .cfg file and set the two SH-2s at a speed greater than 100% to make the game run smoothly. It might serve as some kind of inspiration. Or not, I dunno. Have fun!
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> Fails for using open source, cross-platform libraries and
> making it Windows only.

Fails for not understanding it's a quick demo and not a finished product.

The only reason it's a windows executable is because I'm running Windows and that's what I built.

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