SNESGT Ver 0.230 beta6


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A new beta release of this SNES emulator for Windows is available.

This is what's new:
  • Fixed several freeze or instability bugs which are caused by some changes between beta4 and beta5.
  • Ver 0.230 beta5 freeze in many titles, and it is fixed.
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.
  • Improved emulation accuracy.
  • Added support for SPC7110 emulation.
  • The format of RTC file(.rtc) which includes time data of SPC7110/S-RTC is compatible with bsnes.
  • SPC7110 emulation code is provided by byuu(bsnes author).

* Language files for beta6 is compatible with beta5, so you can use
 same language files for beta5 in beta6.

You can download it here or at the forums in the author's webpage.
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