SNES MIDI Remaster Project (Updated July 31 2023)


I am pleased to announce that the first complete soundtrack for the SNES MIDI Remaster Project is now online!

I have been working on this project for ages. I am remastering soundtracks from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System as GS MIDI Files, and uploading the completed soundtracks as a video to YouTube, and as downloadable MIDI and mp3 versions of individual files on my Google drive.

The full SNES MIDI Remaster Project playlist can be found here:

Currently, it has one soundtrack, Super R-Type. Many more to come as I complete them.

The YouTube page has links to all of the downloadable files, as well as documentation for the project, including a list of software involved and a How-To of the process I used to create them.

SNES MIDI Remaster Project documentation and downloads:


Bonus soundtrack added today: Super Castlevania IV (Prototype)
A protoype for Super Castlevania IV was leaked in 2020, with work-in-progress versions of tracks that would end up in the final game, plus a track that never saw the light of day. The variations are interesting to hear, and a must-listen for any Castlevania enthusiast.

Super Castlevania IV (Prototype)

The full project playlist (will always work even if individual videos are updated)
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My newest soundtrack is now available for listening and download!

Axelay is a space shooter made by Konami.

This soundtrack has posed the biggest challenge to date for me, with many quirks and issues that had to be overcome to get a final sound I am pleased with. As a result, it took more than twice as long to complete as any of my previously released soundtracks.


As always, The full project playlist (will always work even if individual videos are updated)
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