Save my Wii....or not?


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The other day, I realized that I hadn’t really played my Wii in quite some time. With the exception of maybe a round or two of Wii Sports bowling or a turn during Wii Play, I don’t believe I’ve put in any extensive Wii time at all this year.

I’ve played and beaten Super Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess, two of the best Wii games out there. I didn’t care for Metroid or Super Paper Mario at all. All of the games that at one point looked appealing (Wii Fit, Endless Ocean, Bloom Blox, Mercury Meltdown Revolution) quickly lost their appeal once the reviews came out.

I also have no great urge to get any major Nintendo release. I am not a fan of Smash Bros, the new Mario Kart game looks lame (no FFA battle mode? What the FUCK Nintendo???) and I don’t see myself investing any amount of time in Animal Crossing. WiiWare is unappealing and I haven’t touched the Virtual Console since Star Fox 64.

The only thing that even remotely looks appealing is the new Homebrew Channel but I figure that by the time any worthwhile homebrew comes around, it’ll be a few months or years down the road.

So convince me, ZMD….should I keep my Wii or should I sell it while I can still get a reasonable price for it? One of my girlfriends coworkers expressed interest in buying it and I’m seriously considering it. If you guys think I should dump it, what’s a reasonable price for a used launch Wii with everything that came with the console, component cables, extra Wiimote, extra nunchuck, Classic Controller, and four games (Twilight Princess, Elebits, Super Paper Mario and Red Steel)?

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keep it or regret it later. I never sell any of my systems. ps3=loads of money and ports of 360 games and MGS4. 360=FPS and MGS4(when ps3 dies). Wii=nonFPS games. I plan to never get a this gen console because games today (Just media in general) sucks, but you have already spent money on it and if you sell it you will loose money and there will be this killer title to come out and you will feel bad.
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> I give you 150 dollar for the lot.

Sure, just paypal me the money and I'll ship it right out........
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I use mine quite a bit....Wiifit is giving me a good work out, there has been some good Wiiware, Homebrew Channel has lots of emulators, a progressing port of Quake, a port of Open Tyrian, and some neat utils (a tool to backup up Mii data, a save 'extractor' that backs up even saves you can't copy usually like Smash Bros...), as well as some other various stuff, so I'm pretty happy with that.

If you are looking for other good games to play, try No More Heroes, or Zack and Wiki for example.
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How am I supposed to do that, I don't know the games you like. I hear crap like this all the time from a certain type of gamers, problem is they seem to be FPS exclusive gamers who really should have bought a 360.

Also you've fallen for a huge mistake, listening to reviewers. Unfortunately reviewers in the industry today down grade all Wii games, love same old big graphics FPS games, hate traditional JRPG games, and bash any game that isn't in their limited gaming views as long as it isn't a big name release that money hatted a 9/10-10/10.

If you can't tell I've grown to hate the 10point scale where any thing below 7 is crap and only 9 is brilliant. Honestly the whole industry need to switch to 5point scale where 3 is average, 4 is good, 5 is brilliant, 2 is playable but not worth it, and 1 is crap. They also need to stop handing "Dungeon Crawlers" to reviewers who hate them, and that goes for any genre of games a reviewer hates.

As for recommendations well...
A) Zak & Wiki (Adventure(Classic PC Style)
B) Resident Evil Umbrella Chronically(Rail Shooter)
C) No More Heros(Action Hack n Slash)
D) Fire Emblem (SRPG king of the Strategy genre forget FFTactics)
E) Okami (ARPG if you haven't played the PS2 version)
F) Dragon Quest Sword(JRPG meets Rail Shooter)
G) Geometry Wars: Galaxies(Arcade Shooter)
H) Baroque(Only for the most insane Dungeon Crawler fan)
I) Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon(Wait a month and here we have a Dungeon Crawler specifically designed for Wii and less for the hardcore of the genre)
J) Opoona(JRPG when you don't mind the kiddy simplicity)

Problem is Nintendo is keeping very tight lipped about most everything coming out in fall-winter so we no next to nothing, well only that Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World is coming. Best wait till July E3 info, summer is always a down time for games(I'm surprised at the DS activity this year, Do I get Etrian Oddessy II, Summon Nights: Twin Age, or FFIVDS)
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> Sure, just paypal me the money and I'll ship it right
> out........

Can I do money order? I'm in no hurry and I don't have credit card. Shit, I should've started lower I expected to haggle.

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> > Sure, just paypal me the money and I'll ship it right
> > out........
> Can I do money order? I'm in no hurry and I don't have
> credit card. Shit, I should've started lower I expected to
> haggle.

Nah sorry dude, I was kidding. Two of my friends are interested in buying the lot for at least $350....I doubt you'll be able to find a Wii for $150 for a long time.
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> H) Baroque(Only for the most insane Dungeon Crawler fan)

Ah yes, I should have figured you'd be a fan of this game. I have it myself, I like it quite a bit actually, though it really is just for people who love dungeon crawlers and nethack-like games.

I guess I had to pipe up because it's nice to see this game get some love. :)

Other than that, agree with all of these, though I've not played Dragon Quest Swords or Oopona. Also, I'm amazed there is an Etrian Odyessy sequel (and that places other than Japan will be getting it), but that is a great thing.
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> So convince me, ZMD….should I keep my Wii or should I sell
> it while I can still get a reasonable price for it?

I'm not sure if I can give you a good argument, but it sounds like you've only really played about six games for the Wii (one of which I heard from friends seemed promising but was terrible-- Red Steel-- and another which doesn't use the Wii's abilities much-- Super Paper Mario) besides Wii Sports and Wii Play in the first place, so it's not really surprising that you're thinking about giving it up.

I haven't gone out and grabbed Smash Bros. either, even though I'll probably play it sometime. I'm one of the few people I know that wasn't like DUUUUDE SMASH BROTHERS HELL YES when Melee and Brawl came out. I honestly didn't realize Animal Crossing was anywhere near coming out, and it looks like it's still a ways away-- and honestly, I don't think that Animal Crossing is the reason people have the console (as much as I'm liking the series for some reason). But I have to say, I have been thoroughly enjoying my Wii. On the Wiiware scene, I've recently enjoyed LostWinds, and on the regular console scene, a game I need to spend a lot more time with is Trauma Center: New Blood, which actually has two-player co-op surgery. I mean, how can you possibly resist that? And there are plenty of games I'm either looking forward to or should have bought already (Wii Fit being one of them, even though it's expensive). Hell, I haven't even played Super Mario Galaxy yet and I'm still enjoying the console.

As for reviews, honestly? I really don't read professional reviews anymore unless nobody I know (or whose comic I read, or something) has played a game. I believe the word of someone I know to have similar tastes in games over just about anyone behind a magazine/website review. And as for homebrew, out of curiosity, what do you consider "worthwhile"? But if you really don't care about your Wii anymore, and you're begging us to CONVINCE you that it's worth it, maybe you're not the right audience for it. To my mind, the Wii is just damn fun to play, and it's connected me with people who either never gamed or used to game back when they had an NES and are only starting to get interested again now.

Okay, that probably was rambling and not too helpful... I tend to post like that everywhere. Sigh! So the still longish TL;DR version is: I'd personally say that the way to decide would be to rent some of the excellent games people have recommended here, and maybe something like WarioWare (another game I enjoyed that is really more of a party game in the first place, since single-player isn't much more than some exercise, albeit enjoyable exercise, once you've unlocked everything-- but it only requires one controller for multiplayer) to try with a group of people. I think a lot of the fun from the Wii comes when people who haven't played it before start playing it with you, and a lot of the party games make people look ridiculous, which is always a plus and makes things more fun. If, having played some of the other stuff mentioned by others, you still don't have enough fun playing with a bunch of people, some of which would normally yawn if you mention gaming, to keep it, then it's probably just not your kind of console. That coworker will probably be pretty happy with it if you sell it, I'll bet, especially since demand is so high lately. Heck, I'd practically buy it, since my mom wants one whenever I move out, and I'm gonna be away for a few months. I don't think I have the cash, though, 'cause what that coworker or your friends are willing to pay is just about what it's worth, ignoring demand, according to what Gamestop's asking price is for those games used. And we're tight on cash right now.

Blah blah blah I talk too much rent good games for it and play with some friends.
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Well, as for myself, I want to get a PS3 only because of Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gran Turismo 5. That's it. Metal Gear and GTs are the only games to which I'm addicted.
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my advice?

Hold off until E3 and see what the big N has up it's sleeve before making any final decision.
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