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I Support this thread Necromancy, and will contribute anew to a 14-year-old thread I never touched when it was alive the first time.

Using Drako_Dragon's template:
How often do you use illegal drugs?
Cannabis is no longer an illegal drug, so the last one was my sixth psilocybin experience back in 2014.
How often do you use medical drug for fun (over the counter stuff)?
medical drugs aren't fun. I've had two experiences with morphine thus far, and apparently it was just like heroin. the first experience left me singing the blues at the top of my lungs in a hospital bed at 16, not giving a fuck about the pain. Second was while recovering from a surgery I didn't need. Heroin addicts say they're always trying to chase the high they had from their first experience. If you take life so seriously that you need to take heroin to calm your ass down, perhaps you're needing to re-evaluate your core priorities.

I've also had two experiences with Fentanyl, both related to hospital visits. All I remember is getting sleepy, and waking up without anything but a little soreness.

How often do you use alcohol?
My business partner forces me to drink a glass of wine with him about once a month. If this didn't happen, I'd probably not drink more than once a year. Alcohol is overrated.

How often do you smoke?
Quit cigarettes a decade ago when I had a seizure after smoking one during a week-long court case. I was smoking a minimum of a pack of Camel Wide 99's (I'd rip the filters off) a day. I switched to smoking a gram and a half of cannabis a day. I'm much healthier now. :D

How often do you use caffeine?
two nights ago was the first caffeine I ingested in a few months. I average one cup of mountain dew at costco every 6 months.

Also, as a quiet acknowledgement that Chan culture swallowed bulletin boards whole, pic unrelated.


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