SaGa translations


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I have the Romancing SaGa trilogy but can't play the first two because I can't read Japanese. I REALLY want to play those.
Are there any translations of those ROMs or is anyone capable of translating them?


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From what I've heard, there is a curse attached to the SaGa games and almost everyone who has tried to translate them has died a virgin.

The first one was released in English for PS2, apparently.

Your best bet would be to purchase a young Japanese girl on the black market and have her translate for you while sitting on your lap.


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I don't know any curse. But I didn't try to translate or hack them, others did. I also had a whole team in my group trying to translate the 3rd part. I never heard of them after the start. No mail, no ICQ, no forum, nothing at all. It's not that they didn't have enough experience or know how... I just think they got so totally frustrated.
Perhaps the idea with the young Japanese girl is the best option.
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