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The Gameboy Color emulator RIN, originally written for the PSP, has been ported to the Nintendo Wii by the author, Mirakichi.

It has now been added to the Emulators for Nintendo Wii. It should work with the Homebrew Channel. The changelog for the past few versions are as follows, as translated from the original Japanese via Google:


* Saved corresponding SRAM (Front SD card write)


* Super-frame
* ZIP corresponding
* Choose a color palette
* Screen three times expansion mode
* Other


* Front-ROM images from the SD card slot to load support.
* Binary published


* Published sources

The binary DOL and ELF files, as well as the source code, can be downloaded from our RIN Wii page.


I have now added the unofficial update by Askot, adding wiimote support, SRAM and state saving, and more. Thanks for both the original post and the update go to The 9th Sage.
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