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A new feature of Zophar's Domain. Almost every other aspect of retro gaming, from emulators, box art and manuals, has been covered. It is now time for the digital preservation of old video game magazines such as Nintendo Power, Sega Visions, EGM, GamePro and PSM.

Retromags was created as a centralized location for users to come together and preserve retro video game magazines. It was founded in mid 2005 and has grown to 3800 members and over 400 magazines preserved to date. It's constantly looking for people to join the project by scanning their old gaming magazines or by helping fix up the existing scans. The site has helped countless other sites by providing documentation on prototypes of video games that never made it to a release. It has also provided many collectors a way to read their magazine collections without further damaging their physical copies. Video game magazines are a huge part of our gaming past: before the internet came into being, video game magazines gave us all our information. Sadly most people throw away magazines immediately after reading them, so the nice people of Retromags has taken it upon themselves to preserve these gems so that future generations may enjoy them also. Retromags does not condone piracy and as such it only preserve magazines that are from 1987-2003.

Visit Retromags website. We'll be doing regular updates on the advances achieved by Retromags.
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