RetroArch 1.10.1 released


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Highlights include: 1) working again for Gamecube/Wii users; 2) making it easier to obtain required/necessary content files that some of the 'contentless cores' need; 3) a more energy-efficient way to fastforward based on ‘frame skipping’; 4) tons of fixes for Wayland users on Linux machines; 5) battery level now supported for Miyoo hardware users; 6) tons of Cheevos/RetroAchievements improvements as usual; 7) savestates have been disabled in stateless modes for netplay users for stability reasons; 8) dynamic theme support for RGUI menu fans; and 9) it is now possible to add external storage devices and add them as mount points for Android 11 (and up) users.

More details in RetroArch's blog post and grab it at their download page.
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