Regarding the Locked FFTA ROM Hacking Thread


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Regarding this thread that was locked following a necropost...

The thread is #2 on Google if you search for help hacking FFTA and #4 if you search for FFTA hacking help and is even on the first page if you Google How do you hack FFTA? so the necropost was quite useful when viewed in the greater context.

Considering it was the first post on that board in 4 days, it's not like the necropost was disrupting anything, but if having an old post show up on the front page with useful information is a problem, I would recommend setting the board to not promote pages after so many days inactive and/or removing the board from Google search results. (Personally, I think anything that is actively contributing to the board should be welcomed.)

Edit: I sure do hate BB code. I bet the board would get more traffic if people didn't start having AOL flashbacks from the lack of HTML support!
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