Reading Ataris ST disks


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Hi all,
I've never had much luck with getting an ST emulator to work on my windows machine... at least not with any of the games I'd like to play.

But I do have one real need, which is to read some of the old disks. I've got programs I wrote years ago on the ST, that are probably on some of these... but I can't access them. I've got a USB 3.5" floppy drive that was able to physically read some of the disks, but of course they are all garbled because of the ST disk format.

So, is there a good driver or something out there that might let me read those old ST disks on a windows or Ubuntu machine?



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I heard they're FAT like DOS. Is this a little mod they did like Microsoft with the DMF floppies? (When Microsoft found a way to increase the capacity from 1.38 MiB to 1.66 MiB)
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