Raine 0.50.16


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A new version of this multi-arcade emulator for Windows has been released.

This is the changelog:

  • Mike (dx) noticed donkey kong had some pink pixels around him in emudx mode, so we fixed them, now it looks better.
  • 1st boss of ninja warrior was freezing the game since raine 0.41, very old bug, fixed too.
  • Remember the video priority fix for cps2 in 0.50.13 ? Well, it wasn't perfect, there was at least 1 game which didn't like it : 1944, in the end of the 1st stage, some boats looked like some submarines with this fix. So I had to do a better fix, hopefully this time it works everywhere...
  • When loading a game failed (and a game was previously loaded), the gui crashed just after displaying the error message (when a rom was not found for example).
  • There was a very old bug in mshh : if black heart appears, the game resets while he is making his entrance. It was a very weird bug because of an optimization in starscream - worked around it, now it finally works ! (mshu was already working).
  • Be sure to exit with a return code of 0 for the stupid verbosity of vista which seems to complain when a program does not so.

You can download it here or at the author's website.
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