QEMU and TinyXP


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Trough sweat and blood I was able to install TinyXP on QEMU. The network card and the video card drivers could not be found (possibly due to tinyxp's small 100MB iso <img src=smilies/upeyes.gif>. What I did is copy the c:\windows\Driver Cache folder and C:\windows\inf folder and rebooted the VM. That installed the drivers.

However, it was taking 5 minutes to load up (even with the kqemu accelerator). Turns out that tinyxp doesn't have the dhcp client and windows was just waiting for one.

So after some investigation, here is what I did:

1) Disabled DHCP

2) Set IP to

3) Set Subnet mask to

4) Set Gateway to

5) Set DNS to

Rebooted, and BAM! I had internet in the VM. Since I didn't have ping.exe I just copied portablefirefox and that worked fine.

However, I have one more hurdle. In order to copy all of these files, I have to create ISOs. Not a big deal but I would like to be able to either share a drive from the host to the guest or have the FAT emulation enabled. When I did the FAT emulation, it was asking me to "initialize" the disk. I'm sorta afraid this can screw up the host. Does anyone have a problem with this? Fat emulation works fine on linux VM....

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