PYP Thread! Must see! L@@K! Can't Miss!


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It's time to come out...


I was a princess


And a criminal



I'm a computer geek!! O_O


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Just to let you guys know. Anybody using Photobucket to post all those great pictures, Photobucket has taken every picture down because they no longer offer third party posting for free. :cry: They now want $400 a year for third party access. :mad:

I'll post a picture as soon as a have one that's newer then 5 years. :)


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Is that a shepherd? He or she's a beautiful dog and so well behaved to be sitting there quietly watching you play your game instead of taking off with the remote.
Heh. According to the DNA test I swabbed his saliva for, he's 12.5% German Shepherd, 12.5% Basset Hound, 25% Chow, and 50% Labrador Retriever. The German Shepherd really shows, though.


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OK, I hate any recent pictures of myself so I decided to choose one from my class reunion 2014. I really still don't like it but it's the best I have without going too far back.

I'm the short one in white.


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