PYP Thread! Must see! L@@K! Can't Miss!

Here is me being the best terrorist ever.


And here is me being all emo with a .22 rifle which I never use.


No, I am not a Republican.


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lol, i dont know if i can compete with that ass up there, but here


So i downloaded GIMP a while back and that was my first experiment
Another pic.
The camera took a red-eye pic of me so I fixed it a bit (or at least I tried). My eyes aren't actually that color. :p


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What's the matter?
You've never seen a naked ass before?

Sure I have, but none quite like Brad's.

I might as well join in on this.


Older picture from last november when I was in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. For the record, i'm not normally clean shaven/so handsome.
Yeah, my ass is just that damn sexy. :3

If I ever go to jail Brad I hope you're assigned the same cell as me. Then I can just hand out pictures of your ass to all the other guys in the block and they'll just ignor me. Basically you'll be my physical cock blocker, lol.
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