PYP Thread! Must see! L@@K! Can't Miss!


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Since I got your attention, welcome to the one and only ZD Post Your Pic Thread. The thread where the only thing to do is ... guess...

*drums rumbling*
Post a photo of yourself! and wait for the *cough* marvellous comments that are going to follow *cough*
*audience is surprised*​

So, without further delay, let the fun begin...


Now let's see those damn ugly faces :D
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ok, you guys are going to have to settle for a B&W photo of me that my girlfriend took a month ago. I'll probably provide a more recent one at some point.

I scaled it down, but it's still a bit huge. If I get any complaints, I'll thumbnail it.

anyway, here you go. :3


*hands the female members a fresh pair of panties*

Sorry, I never show my face on the internet.

Then you could probably delete your post... why the fuck would you post in a post your photo thread, if the photo was not showing shit?

Reaper: You look almost exactly like I thought you would, only a tad wee bit younger... you're a kiddo...
Internet is serious business.

I think I haven't posted my pic on ZD before.


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Our last cat jumped up in a car pipe and was torn to shreds. She was Persian

lot of sad pet fates, and our mom took disgust in dogs so that was the last .. eventually she saw her again on the road
Well, I said I wasn't going to post in this thread, but fuck it. Here goes.

Here's to almost 27 years of burning hatred.
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