Post your video game console collection!


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I know that some of us have quite the collection of retro consoles and maybe even some old computers. I think it would be fun if we could post a list or even better some photos of our collections.

I'll start, but just with my small list since I have no digital camera.

  • Nintendo GC, 2 Pads, 2 MC's, a CD Wallet full of "backups" (bought it like this)
  • Sega MegaDrive 1st gen, 2 Pads, 13 to 15 games
  • Sony Playstation 1st gen, 1 pad, 3 or 4 games
  • Xbox 1.6, 2 pads, softmodded with 40gb hd for XBMC
  • Sony Playstation 2, 1 pad, 1 16Mb MC, Softmodded with FreeMCBoot & ESR
  • Nintendo DS Lite Black, 2 Original games (Mario & Zelda), 3rd Gen FlashCart
  • Sega Dreamcast, 4-pads, 2 MC, 2 Vibration units, 5 or 7 original games

Also, I got a Commodore 1084s where most of the consoles are plugged in. It's a nifty little screen almost as old as I am.

There was a time where I had lots (duplicates mostly) of old consoles, but then I was really out of cash and had to sell em.


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Well, I have:

- Nintendo
- Nintendo Super Nintendo
- Sony Playstation 1 (Died)
- Sony Playstation 2
- Nintendo Gamecube
- Nintendo Wii
- Coco III


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Sony PlayStation (unused now)
Nintendo 64 (also unused)
Nintendo GameCube (again, unused)
Sony PlayStation 2 (occasional usage)
Nintendo DS (frequent usage)
Nintendo Wii (frequent usage)

I used to have a SNES as well, but not any more.

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...I'm sorry but I honestly cant see anything 5th generation and up as Retro

as for me, the earliest thing I currently own is a PS2, so sadly I don't own anything retro. At least, not any more.

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AS far as systems, I have a Nintendo 64, used to have a Gamecube (and I have the Wii now for that), and a busted up SNES that I'm pretty sure works still. I also have a messed up CD-i that doesn't work (yeah, I know...I was going to use it to play those terrible Zelda games :D). I also have an NDS.

I don't have a Playstation, but I do have games for it...I just use my computer for them.


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wow, I used to have everything out as if it were on display, but now I just keep it all in some boxes. I have:

-NES 5 pads, power pad, 2 zappers, about 150 games
-SNES 3 pads, superscope, about 30 games
-3 old school game boys, 1 gameboy pocket, 3 gameboy colors, about 20 games
-sega genesis / cd / master system top attachment, 3 pads, about 30 games (12 of which being sega cd, 4 being master system)
-playstation, 4 pads, sadly no memory cards anymore.. , about 55 games ( last year's dollar bin helped that... couldn't resist)
-2 game boy advances, 1 gba sp, about 11 games
-nintendo 64, 3 pads, 2 rumble paks, 1 controller pak, 2 transfer packs, about 14 games
-sega dreamcast, 4 pads, 4 VMS's, 2 rumble pak things, keyboard, mouse, broadband adaptor, about 25 games
-playstation 2 4 pads (same 4 of ps1 above) 2 memory cards, online adaptor, hard drive, about 20 games
-gamecube... one broken pad, one broken game boy player, 3 memory cards, about 10 games

I just keep my eye open for stuff now, there have been time I almoast buy a saturn but then I decide that $50 or $75 is way too much to be paying in the year 2008.

I used to have an amiga computer I got a long way back... I can't seem to remember what happened to it. I got a packard bell sometime after that though.

Alot of the pre 1996 stuff was handmedowns... after that I was actually aware of the stuff I was buying... instead of getting a large brown paper bag everyonce in a while with random things.


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-Nes; 2 Controllers, 1 Zapper, 2 worthless wireless controllers
-Snes; 2 Controllers(1 busted), Super Gameboy
-Gamegear; Ac adapter(broken), screen magnifier
-N64; 2 Controllers(1 third party), 1 Memory cart, Extended Ram thing, Gameboy lock-on adapter
-Gamecube; 1 Controller, 2 memory cards(1 small, 1 large), GBA player, GBA=GC link cable
-GBA; Ac adapter(Slightly damaged), Wireless adapter, GBA headphones(semi broken)
-DS; Castlevania Stylus(glued back together)
-Wii, 1 Wiimote + nunchuk

Oh my sister took the Atar with her as well as her Playstation so that doesn't count. There is still an Apple ][e around here with; joystick, koala pad, two drives, ribbon printer, some kind of replacement colour monitor.


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Let's see, my collection includes:

-Wii, 1 Wii Remote, 2 Games
-Gamecube w/ Game Boy Player, 2 Controllers, 2 Memory Cards, 10+ Games
-FC Twin (NES/SNES Hardware Clone), 2 Controllers (1 Working), 2 Games (Metroid and Super Metroid)

-Nintendo DS (Original), 7 Games, Nintendo DS Browser, Datel Games n' Music Flashcart w/ 128 MB microSD card
-GBA (Original), 5 Games, GBA Music Player w/ 256 MB CF Card

I think that's it.
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Retro collections doesn't mean you had to buy the consoles when they were already old. You just need the consoles to be old, as you (as you said) could have bought them when they were new (but still be old consoles, like the Gameboy (Gray)).


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The list of consoles I have are

Gameboy color
Xbox 360(know its new-gen)

Oh yeah all of them work.

And that's all I have. I am actually trying to collect retro systems and such as well as new ones.


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Let's see...I have:

  • Commodore 64 (with the dot-matrix printer and all of that stuff)
  • Atari 2600 (if I could only find it...)
  • NES
  • Super NES
  • Nintendo 64
  • Sony Playstation
  • Game Boy (black and white)
  • Game Boy Color
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Gamecube
  • Playstation 2
  • Xbox
I consider anything not current generation to be retro. But retro is awesome to me! Oh, by the way...most of these are now at some of my relatives' houses. I know that my great-aunt has the NES and the Super NES, my grandma has the Commodore 64, and my cousin has the Xbox.


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This is what I have in my retro collection. I have a commodore 64 with a big ass floppy and cassette player. We also have a atari with about 30 to 40 games and paddles. My wife still loves this machine she still plays it today. She says there is to many buttons on the new playstation 3 for her.I also have about 3 NES with paddles,zappers and aout 20 games but one game has about 50 or 100 games on it. Out of the three of them I think 2 work if you like blowing them.I could never understand why if you blow on the game half the time it would work.That is strange.I have 2 SNES paddles, zappers, and 10-15 games.I also have a gameboy b&w and 2 gameboy colored. Playstation 1 and 2 with all paddles and about 200 games.I have a xbox also with 12 games. But my prize machine is my playstation 3 I know it is not retro but I love the thing. I also forgot my TRS-80 computer from radio shack which still works today.Considering it is about 30 years old.. Well thats my retro collection.... ;)


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heres mine:

(dont have any of the OLD ones -i'm only 15)

2 broke NES's
1 lost SNES -my mom made me give away my working one :(
SEGA master system

SEGA Game Gear
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS Lite (onyx)

^not all retro, thought i'd list anywheigh


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Current working systems I have include:

NES - both models 1 & 2, YoBo clone, and GameAxe portable clone
SNES - model 1; plus SGB, SWC-DX2, and TriStar
N64 - plus Z64
GC - plus GB Player
GBA - 1 original, 2 SPs
NDS - 1 original, 1 lite

GEN - both models 1 & 2; plus 32X, SegaCD (model 1), and Power Base Converter
SS - model 2


3DO - FZ10 model


PS1 - 2 different original style models (not a PSOne model)
PS2 - original style (not a slim model)
PSP - 1 original style model, 1 slim model

...and enough controllers between all those to strangle a small army with all the cords. :D
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