PocketNES and Goomba Color updated


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At the behest of Dwedit, the current author of PocketNES and Goomba Color, the aforementioned emulators have been updated. PocketNES is a NES emulator for Gameboy Advance, while Goomba Color is a Gameboy emulator for Gameboy Advance (yes, you read that right).

Why would I emulate a Gameboy on a Gamboy Advance, you ask? Because the GBA Micro can't play original Gameboy games, and neither can the Nintendo DS (which is capable of running GBA homebrew apps with a slot-2 kit).

Both emulators are looking quite good, though both require a little bit of tweaking to run. Those who are familiar with GBA homebrew will know what I'm talking about; the emulators need to be able to save the cart RAM for saves, and without the DLDI functionality included in most Nintendo DS homebrew, a workaround needs to be implemented. In the instance of these two programs, it's by patching the GBA binaries to include the desired ROMs.

You can pick up Goomba Color at our Goomba Color page. The same goes for PocketNES and its appropriate page.

Thanks again to Dwedit for bringing it to our attention.
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