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Vector fonts for Windows versus fonts you can rip from your favorite video games.

Once you have an emulator that can dump pixelmaps from texture memory (e.g. OAM Viewer for VBA, RiceVideo RDP for N64) you can rip a bitmap font using those textures and even type in them. One reason I start this thread is because I have Googled like crazy, and a lot of specific resources are left unreplied to at this unpopular concept.

If the font is one bit (transparent and one solid color only--black in design mode) there is a variety of formats for the bitmap font and a few ways to type them in the word processor of your choice.

To type in Super Mario 64 modern font the only options were Amiga OS format and basic pixelmap formats like BMP and TGA that DirectX maps from. We see these as worthless because there is great variance in how to store each character in the pixelmap formats but no standard a typewriter will use by reading them, but there is supposedly the one and only:

Attached examples and their configuration settings when using this tool


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