PCSP v0.5.2


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This is a PSP emulator that we didn't seem to have a download for before now, so rather than post all of changes up to now, I'll just summarize what the state of the emulator seems to be.

The official forums currently list eight games known to be playable, another eight 'half-playable', and many others that display intros or otherwise do something. Speed is something I'm not sure about, but emulators this early in development are never fast, so prepare yourself. It also comes as two different downloads, one with the pcsp-udb frontend and one without.

The latest version is mostly a bug fix release to resolve an issue where audio would not play on single-core CPUs, but also adds on-the-fly decryption, which should make things easier for those of you wanting to play games using this. ;-)

You can download PCSP either with or without the frontend (or actually only without the frontend right now since I'm having problems uploading) here or at the official site.
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