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Out of curiosity, any other ZMDers here? I'm across the street getting a bite right now (and bumming some wifi), but I'll be heading over to the OC Remix panel once my burger finally arrives and I get a chance to scarf it down. Later I'll probably be at the Go workshop*, so If you see a dark blonde-/light brown- haired bearded guy wearing a navy blue t-shirt, white shorts, and brown shoes, that might be me.

*Note: For anyone interested, contrary to the printed convention schedule, The Go workshop starts TODAY at 7 at Workshop Room II. That overlaps with the OC Remix panel (which I'm already late for --- oo, my burger just arrived) so I'll probably be late to that too.

EDIT: ...aaand OC Remix is full. Next time Pretzel, next time. Off to play some Go...
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