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Diana Hsu

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I am currently watching this music vidoe. It is really nice also the song lyrics is great!

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OK, what happened to all the YouTube videos. None of them are showing. I know some are no longer on YouTube, the rest, the links are gone.


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I am not going to post a video. It looks like the links do not work. Videos I do like are easily found though. Generally, If I am bored, I might look at something Jordan Peterson puts out. If your interested in mythology and how anybody can be a monster, take a look at his maps of meanings lectures.

He is a UofT psychology professor that puts his lectures for free on youtube. He came to fame because he came out against a bill put forward in the Canadian government against gender discrimination and his interpretation that it put forward compelled speech which he came out against.

Through the controversy surrounding Jordan Peterson, I discovered Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan, and Steve Crowder (whom can be amusing sometimes). They also have interesting videos.
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