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How dare you insult poor DooM like that! D:

Hah. I still play Doom II to this day, I'm not insulting Doom any day of the week. :bigthumbup:

Actually Lilly, I heard there's a mod that does exactly that for Doom 3...attatches your light right to your weapons. Sounds like it makes the game more fun., fighting Barney in GOD mode. :p SUCH IS HIS POWER!
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Dramatic reading of Peter Chimera's terrible "Quarter Life: Halfway to Destruction" using Gmod...somehow makes it even more funny. (should add for those who are unfamiliar with him, he seems to be writing like this on purpose...that said, it doesn't make them any less amusing)


Here's his "Half Life: Full Life Consequences" too, which is similarly terrible. :D
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Good lord. I wouldn't mind more difficulty from that game, but I think that patch would simply ruin the game for me.

I don't know if any of you like this show like I do, but I feel like I need to post this song since it's so made of win. I couldn't believe it when I saw this one earlier and suddenly this song started.

Collin, that's insane. I almost can't imagine seeing that coming down the road. :p

I should have came back with a code monkey clip.

Perhaps it was funny a year and a half ago when it was relevant (I assume it's referencing some event from 2008) or maybe it's only funny to Canadians, but it certainly isn't funny to real people.

Think of a Canadian talking crap about gitmo or something and a polak (not the only thing either) hanging over their head.

( )

It has lasting power, especially when the polish Olympic team came, granted only for the special olympics part.

Maybe some Code Monkeys or AOTS Twilight Parody is in order, but I don't have the time. But man police brutality is always worth laughing at.
Granted twilight is designed as an "advanced interrogation technique" in Gitmo if it doesn't work there is always Yentl (banned by the Geneva Convention).


Bloody hell. Huh, did not remember it as a response in a thread. I like it without an embed.

yeah I didn't think it was very funny either. I was however a little impressed with how the megaman game engine was utilized to do so... but also disturbed by it.

Disturbed, should be a little disturbed by Gestapo techniques. But why about the ridicule of those who did it?

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Good lord. I wouldn't mind more difficulty from that game, but I think that patch would simply ruin the game for me.
I've seen the whole thing now, and SMI actually expects you to go through all of lower Norfair as well and defeat Ridley before it'll give you the Varia Suit. Fortunately you can get a large stash of Super Missiles and Power Bombs before that, so you can use the Crystal Flash to get through. Which is good because he ends up using it three times in a row sometimes.

After that it seems the game gets a lot easier as you suddenly get all of the items it's possible to get, though it seems Mother Brain has been given a lot more health and you get just 60 seconds to escape when the self-destruct activates.

Additionally, I think Brad hasn't watched that video, otherwise we'd have heard something about the "if you have within 5 points of this your good" bit. ;)
Where the heck do you keep finding these? He looks like an idiot riding it, but it's still a pretty cool craft/idea. Looks like it's surprisingly effective at crossing that water.
(spider on drugs video)

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