Official introductions thread


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I'm not surprised this site yet persists, only that the forum is still called "Zophar's Message Domain." That's some lazy naming!


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Hey, hello there!

Hey, i'm new. I wasn't registered after the redesign.

I just wanted to say, Good remodeling! Basically ZD made me an introduction to Emulation, and i'm more happy with the redesign!

Good work!

and also... There should be a "Introduce Yourself" Thread.

Reaper man

With a post like that I'm questioning your maturity.

How old are you, again??

well, since you asked, I am 25.

Your post towards Sara is the way you assist?? Sounds like a good way of assisting people. Or did you only say that because she's a girl?? Which shows even less maturity.

mm, that's not my way of assisting. Nice spin on that though. I'll be honest, I'm curious as to what she looks like because *gasp* I like women, which might be something such as yourself would fail to understand..

also I'm going to take your maturity comments with a grain of salt since your opinion is rather biased since you are still butthurt that I called you out on your outdated emulators and your stupid reasons for using them.


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This is the origin issue, then? Yes, so, I posted a lot for about three weeks, maybe, back in late 1999. Good times, good times. I remember this because every site shared a forum system and I used the same 'roneldo' to better effect on the board for zeroes unlimited, hosted on the overclocked site, which Zophar linked to every single day. I've always found the Zophar forums amusing, though, so I'm familiar with most people even if I've hardly talked to any of them (which you may notice I'm still not doing). The fights are classic. I remember that time Swampgas... I mean his name was "Swampgas." That's crazy. But one day just for no reason he posted a picture of his gun and there was a fight about that. The man is brilliant.


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Edman is awesome.

the forums haven't looked this good since, well, ever.

I missed this place. and the people in it.

Well well, if it isn't Mushroom Blue. I haven't seen you in years since the good ole days. Most of us had a lot of fun back when we were staff.

Good to see ya again.


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This is porchmonkey dudes. Forgot the email I used to register the newer nick.... This is one of my many formerly banned handles. :p


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Hello there.

Hey there. Though I've been to the site lots of times in the past and from time to time presently, I'm new to the forums. Just thought I'd drop in to say hi to the community and congratulations on the new site :) . I don't really have anything to contribute now but I'll eventually submit things in the coming years :D .
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