Official introductions thread

Found this place after getting emailed about the discord. Don't recall how I got here to begin with either. So... Hello World!
Hello, humans! Old time mod from the early 2000s here. I'm finally back after over a decade on hiatus! Some of you might recognize me from back in the day, hopefully! :p
I just realized I never introduced myself here.

I'm Lazy Bastard. I started in 1999, and recently I've become an admin here at Zophar's Domain. I've been a visitor at since 1998 or so, and I intend to pitch in and get this place running smoothly again, with the latest news, emulators, and tools, and an active community.
I'm new but not new if that makes any sense. I joined in 2011 posted maybe 1 or 2 times then discovered and forgot about the other forums I had joined. Loved that site, had a lot of fun. Was sad when it was forced to shut down. Lost track of all those I used to enjoy talking to. Haven't been on any forum for a while after. This is the first of the old forums I've come back to and the second forum I'm active on. The second being I received an email yesterday that brought me back here. I hope to be active here. I know everybody or most everybody likes to change their handles sometimes, I don't, so any other forum I might be on or join it'll always be the same handle. Boring, I know but oh well. :lol:
Hi there. I'm a newbie poster and am new to the forums, but definitely not to the site. I'm a huge fan of video game music and have been enjoying this site for many years (10 years? 15 years? Something like that). Glad to see it is active again. I've posted some requests in the appropriate forum. I hope to be more active here myself. Merry Xmen!
Hi everyone and Merry Christmas

I'm a new member of this website and I'm proud to finally be apart of it. This is where I get all my favorite video game music from. I'm hoping to have a good time here!:hearton:
Can somebody help me!

I ordered a set of restore media on USB for my HP Compaq 6000 Pro AIO about a year ago and because I had forgotten my password and now had to reset it, I find that I can't access the drive because it doesn't recognize the new one when I try to log in. Because I have a CompuServe/AOL account that may part of the issue here. Can someone help me? Thank you!
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