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Good day to everyone! I’m Rue and I’m a frequent visitor of this forum. I finally decided to sign up and join the fun. Looking forward to learn from all of you here :)


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Hi! First of all THANK YOU Mr. ZOPHAR DUD, I always refer to your domain everytime I need any videogame music, specially when it's about consoles.
Now let me introduce myself, I'm a musician and audio engineer, lover and developer of videogame music.
It's a pleasure to meet you everyone!


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Newbie Here!

Hi, how's everyone? I feel great being here knowing that I've just started. This site could be helpful for me. Let us all have a good start from here. Good day to all!


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Hi all. I saw a post that I am interested in and decided to sign up. I am very new to this site and to forums in general, so please bear with me. I will make a lot of mistakes and maybe reply with incoherent or even unrelated information :sniper: - so I am asking for your patience in advance :D:D:D I will learn soon enough and I hope to do it here!


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Introduce myself

Hello everyone
i am new here.i am a SEO exicutive in uk.
best regards
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