[Off-Topic] Help me pick out a gift for my nephew!


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Hey everyone! First of all, it has been a great experience on this forum. Sorry that this isn't strictly Rainmeter related but I'm running out of options so I thought might as well try my luck!

I'm sorry if this is being posted on the wrong subforum, I'm still kinda new to this, Getting into it, the title says it all really, I've been looking into buying one of the current-gen consoles for my nephew whose birthday is coming up (he's turning 13) and unlike me, he's into the newer stuff. The answer I'm sure all of you are thinking is "just get him a ps5" Well, I don't have that kind of money right now. Now I'm quite a simpleton so obviously, the first thing I did was google it. To give you an idea of the ones I saw, here's one of the pages I visited. However, I'm hoping to get an expert opinion on the matter, If you guys gave any good recommendations and maybe some Pros and Cons that would be really helpful!
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Hi Andrew92.

What console does your nephew already has? I liked a lot the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo adventure and action games.
Also, you can get him some games. Usually the kids always wants the latest releases, like "LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga".
You can also check this guide for some Switch games reference.

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