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Hey, I have a question,

I wrote this in on one of the feedback or question pages on the mainsite, but I never received a reply. I think I asked a couple of members around here the question, but they didn't know either.

I decided to shoot this question here.

A long time ago, I had submitted a re-translation and an updated GUI of GIGO's NSF2Midi program. (Still located on the main Zophar Site.)

Recently, after Zophar's big revival after I thought it was dead, the listing for my translation and updated GUI is gone, while other plain translations (that didn't mess with the GUI) are still up. (And by other, I think I only mean one.)

I found my version of GIGO's NSF2Midi program removed.

I was wondering the reasoning for this. Perhaps because it wasn't an actual translation, and couldn't be on the site because I changed the layout?

Did GIGO, in whatever cave he's been living in for the several past years (being an man impossible to contact) complain?

I know a lot of people found my version to be a bit more useful of a tool than GIGO's, or even the translation. The interface was designed to be user-friendly and I cleaned up the translations a bit.

I was never trying to take credit or infringe on GIGO's program at all, but I was wondering if there was a specific reason, if it was one of those, and if the decision could be re-looked?

It would be an honor to have it back up on the site as an option for people to use again.

If not, no big deal. Just curious about it.


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Do me a huge favor on this one: either PM me or reply in this thread with a link to the homepage for your translation. I have a couple of days off from work next week and plan to take some time in posting updates to all of the music utilities at that time. I'll include your program in this update.
I no longer have a host anymore, and I think file sharing sites are tacky, so I'll attach it here.

I also cleaned up the interface by removing the box on the left, if you noticed it from the screenshot. It was meant to be an icon, but it hasn't worked properly beyond Windows 98. =P


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