NSF Update 2


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Once again at the start of the month, I have thirteen NSFs for release. A few more Shenzhen Nanjing Technology rips and some commercial rips.

Harlem Globetrotters
Hollywood Squares
John Elway's Quarterback
Last Starfighter, The
[NJ013] Han Liu Bang
[NJ048] Huan Xiang Chuan (Tales of Phantasia)
[NJ048] Titanic
[NJ049] Hacker,The (The Matrix)
[NJ065] Zui You Ji Zhi Tang San
[NJ066] Gu Mu Li Ying (Tomb Raider)
Quest of Ki
Ultraman Club - Kaijuu Dai Kessen!!

You can get the NSFs HERE.

That's all for my site update, enjoy.

Note: The Famicompo Mini Vol. 5 voting time has started. There are tons of various NSFs that you can listen to and vote on.
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