nintendo64 roms: how to hack pal games to play at 60Hz


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Hello dudes, I need some help.

There are a couple of N64 pal games I'd like to play at 60hz
So, first I need to localize the region switch in the rom or something

But the N64 pal games had their music adjusted to play at normal speed
So if I just switch to 60Hz, the music will sound faster than it should be.
So more importantly I need to know how to re-adjust the music/sounds speed

Please help me

Some games have patches, search for "[game] NTSC fix" and you might get lucky. There's a tool called PALadin that you might try, I haven't used it. It is supposed to convert the video in many games, but you are out of luck with the music. Speed isn't really the issue, it's just that the different framerate is probably going to mess with the buffering.
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