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From the SDL mailing list:

Hello everyone.

I would like to let you people know that we have released a new version
of the Atari Jaguar emulator named Virtual Jaguar/SDL. It took almost a
year before we thought that Virtual Jaguar/SDL v1.0.7 was stable enough
to be released to the public (apart from some CVS/unstable versions as
public beta's).

In the last year a lot has changed in the codebase in the effort to
enhance the Atari Jaguar emulation and offer one of the best Atari
Jaguar emulators currently available. In my absence Adam Green (MacOS X)
and James L. Hammons (WIN32) as well as several users have contributed
enormously to the Virtual Jaguar/SDL v1.0.7 codebase. Personally, I
would like to thank Stephane Marchesin for his help on the OpenGL part
and James L. Hammons :) The WHATSNEW information is quite a lot and to
much to put into this e-mail, for this information I would like to put
you to

To download, use one of the following links:

Virtual Jaguar/SDL v1.0.7 - Source :
Virtual Jaguar/SDL v1.0.7 - x86-win32 :
Virtual Jaguar/SDL v1.0.7 - x86-linux :
Virtual Jaguar/SDL v1.0.7 - x86-linux :

Required/Recommended libraries/software :

- libSDL v1.2.7;
- zlib v1.2.1;
- OpenGL v1.2;
- GCC v3.x.


Niels Wagenaar

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