New Zophar's Domain Goes Live

JP good to see you here man! sadly all the years i've been comming to zophars for files i never looked for a forum until now =)

-another world
Good to see you here too J ;)

I've been here before for SNES saves, but never really stuck around.

Great place ya got here.
You guys are back? Jeez, its been a while. Uhh, no offense, but the new layout looks horrible. Like, "stab my eyes with a spoon" + "wordpress default" horrible. Is there a way I can make it look like it used to? :(

EDIT: Oh jeez, and you guys are using smileys antialiased against a completely different colored background too :(

Too much Web 2.0 ahhh get it away :(
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EDIT: Oh jeez, and you guys are using smileys antialiased against a completely different colored background too :(
Yeah, I noticed that too and it's ugly as hell. The easiest solution would be to convert them all to PNGs and use alpha transparency (like I did with my avatar). I could probably fudge things so that even IE6 users see an improvement, though that would only work on this theme (any future themes would screw things up a bit).
I, too, would like to pay homage to I know that sounds a little strange coming from me. ;) But I'm proud of this site and it looks like things are back on track. Emulation Forever guys! I promise I'll be stopping by more often.

Congratulations! It's been a long time...

Zophar, you and your page are a true legend. When I started in 99/00 with tools like Naga, Nana and others I remember the first time our German Group (Star Trans) submitted some patches. It was awesome. A real honor to be listed here.

Then in 2003/4 things went bad in Germany. Almost all groups were resolved... and some time later I found closed.
Earlier this year some people found me through IRC and begged me to come back and translate some games again. But I thought... It's no use. My time was over when disappeared. I left the stage to make room for the next generation.

And now?! You are back! Hell yeah what a great day!

- Founder of Star-Trans a German Romtranslation Group
Thanks for coming back Zophar's domain! Zophar was always THE emulation website. I never quite understood why it was decided at that time to make Zophar an archive site, neither why the person responsible was insistent on leaving the site like that and even closing it for a few days, even when all the Zophar community was more than ready to collaborate and was begging to let Zophar live to its fullest. Anyway, thanks to all for all your efforts, specially to Edman. I'll do what I can to help Zophar shine at its best.
To be honest, this is the first time i've bothered to sign up. Since the very first day i owned a computer, i used Zophar to download music.

Along with a friend of mine, Zophar has been one of the reasons im an avid gamer.
ZD alive...omg..

Just had to register so i could give some feedback....

ZD was probably THE first emulation site i stumbled when i was searching for SNES emulators...and after that i always checked in if i was online (Finland didn't have cheap connections back in the day and broadband was close to science fiction)

And even zophar is back. :eek:

I hope everything continues well and we'll get this party going for a long time... Guess i should try to contribute something to site (never been community guy, but trying to change).
I see it as a strange mickey mouse with its arms raised...

Guess each one only see's what he wants to see..
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