New Saturn Core for MiSTer available!


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Greetings, mortals!

The Sega Saturn core on the MiSTer has been updated! If you've got a MiSTer (as I do - and they are awesome!) - head to Sergey Dvodnenko's GitHub page and download it. (You'll need to be signed in to Github to see the links). Make sure to download the right core (single ram or dual-ram slots, depending on your MiSTer configuration). Nice work to Sergey here - despite what's going on in the Ukraine, he keeps pumping out core updates. Stay safe!

Updated beta Saturn cores
Updated unstable main for MiSTer
Fuzz's Saturn MiSTer core compatibility list

By the way... if you're into the Saturn, I have begun doing Virtual Hydlide attempts (on original Saturn hardware using Mike Chi's excellent Retrotink 5x Pro) on my Twitch channel. If you want to see a truly.. ahh.. unique gaming experience, we do runs every Wednesday evening.
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