New Emu movie archives?

Would anyone be interested in a new, update emulator movie archive?

  • Yup, that sounds like a neato idea to me!

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  • Nah, that sounds dumb.

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  • What are NSMs?

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  • I have no feelings on this.

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Hey everyone,

Well, I don't know about you guys but I absolutely loved watching other people play games while doing goofy or amazing things like run through Zelda with no sword, or beat Metroid in 30 minutes. It's why I added the NSM archive to the site over 10 years ago. However, I realize that the archives are a little out of date (as great a supporter I was for NESticle, I doubt anyone uses it anymore with all of the recent developments).

What do you guys think about adding new archives to align with whatever the most popular/feature-rich emulators are today? Do new emulators still incorporate movie saving abilities, or am I still stuck in the 90s? Heheheheh....
if you liked movies like that, you would more than likely love this.

It's a collection of tool assisted speed runs. A lot of the are really impressive runs on there, so check it out.
I think I might enjoy that...I know Zsnes has a movie feature that is apparently more version proof than the old Zsnes versions. :p
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