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For a long long time I have kept myself blissfully ignorant of the inner-wheelings and dealings of networks and the Internet. I have touched on many different aspects of programming and computers, from low-level assembly to advanced high-level programming frameworks, databases, graphics manipulation, et cetera. But this is one area I have always avoided.

So the other day on a whim I picked up O'Reilly's TCP/IP Network Administration book from my school's library. And you know.. it's kind of neat. I had planned on switching from my current course of CNS to SAP (up to the first 3 quarters the classes are the same, so that's my window of choosing), but I'm thinking more and more that CNS just might not be so bad after all. Either way I'm going to a degree in something computer-related.

But now that I've tasted the forbiden fruit, I'm wondering what the best books / manuals / references I should be reading that are out there? I'm looking for well-established "standards" that explain a lot of the concepts I will have to wrestle with in the field of networking. I have only extremely basic understandings of networking currently, if any at all, but I am usually a quick study.

So if anyone has anything to recommend, I would appreciate it <img src=smilies/cwm11.gif>
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