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Heya, guys.
I've been browsing the whole site, and the Tech Docs section in particular. I admit it's quite impressive, no doubt owning to the fact that the ld site was a historical and referential place for this sort of things.
Nevertheless, here's a suggestion I think would improve the quality of the section in particular, and the whole web in general. Has anyone noticed how damn hard is to find blueprints or schematics for building ROM dumpers on the internet? Or maybe its just me... :p
Anyway, I don't doubt that we have people here with the necessary mad tech skillz to write a good guide with pics for assembling our own dumpers for many platforms. I, for example, would be more than willing to build one of my own, provided that someone with the knowledge and experience guided me with a tutorial. I live in Argentina, were pirate and weird famicom games are quite common, but I can't help but noticing that most of this crazy games haven't been dumped. So I firmly believe that letting the public have access to this kind of technical stuff would benefit the whole of the retrogaming community.
Please correct me if you think I'm wrong, so we can start an interesting and respectful discussion! :cool:


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I think I've kinda replied to this post on the "important stuff about roms" thread. Take a look :)
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