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I think we need to update the Game Music section a bit. Even though it is an excellent archive as it is, it's missing some other systems that can be currently supported, but couldn't when last updated. Systems like MSX (KSS), PC (RAW) and X68000 (MDX). The only problems concerning these systems is that music files from them are very hard to find, mainly because of their obscurity. However, all is not lost and if we can make these other sections, then we can gather the files and keep them on here.

The main reason that I'm addressing this to you is that I have a bunch of these files archived on my PC, and I want to upload them before the original sources go offline. So what do you think?
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I agree, and I'd especially like to see more PSF files, personally.

For SNES and Genesis music, there are better sites out there besides Zophar, like
I think so, but Iconoclast is the guy responsible for the Music section of the website. Ask him and he'll see what he can do.
We're currently a little overwhelmed with work, so it might take some time.
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Well, it's too late anyway, the original source is offline now. Too bad. I could only salvage two soundtracks.

Also, every other mirror of the server is offline too, which means that there is absolutely no way of getting these files back whatsoever. They're gone.
That's very sad DynaShock. Agreeably this site isn't on top of music, but I spent a lot of time updating the USF soundtracks to their primary resource here. If I had caught this thread I would have taken the job to upload them just because these are less popular systems probably no one here specializes in.

On the bright side we see what everyone else thinks. :p
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