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It's time once again for me to look into making a small formfactor PC.

A few years ago, I built myself a micro ATX multimedia/emulation PC. The thing still works like a champ, but it is fairly loud and also not as small as I'd like (a little bigger than a Shuttle).

I'm looking into building a new multimedia PC that will be used for watching videos / listening to music streamed from my PC and downloading/seeding torrents. Right now, I have to leave my primary computer on in order to download torrents and utilizing this new computer for that purpose would be ideal so I wounldn't have to leave my primary computer on 24/7.

It looks like I've narrowed my mobo search to three contendors: EPIA-5000</a>, EPIA M10000</a>, and EPIA-CN10000EG</a>.

My only requirements are that it must be able to output to S-Video at minimum. I'm not even sure if they make mobos that output to Component without an add-in card but if they do, I would probably opt to get a mobo that does. In the meantime, I'm sticking with S-Video.

I won't be using a floppy/CD/DVD drive.

At $92, the EPIA-5000 is the cheapest mobo by far. I do like the fanless proc, but 533MHz is kind of weak. Not too happy that it uses SDRAM, but I probably have some kicking around so I wouldn't have to buy any extra. No 5.1+ channel audio is also weak but I probably won't be using more than 2 channels anyway.

The EPIA M10000 is a more powerful board for about $50 more. 1GHz proc, DDR RAM, 6 channel audio...sweet. It does use a fan, and I would have to invest in RAM.

The EPIA-CN10000EG is the cream of the crop for about $70 more than the EPIA-5000. I believe it uses the latest chipset and the fanless 1GHz proc is really sweet. DDR2 RAM as well. But it also has SATA and 8 channel audio and I'll probably never use those features, so I'm wondering if I should spend the extra cash for them.

I also don't intend on buying a case as most of the cases I've seen have all been more expensive than the mobos I'm looking to get and they don't look too nice.

I'm also not 100% sure how a PSU for soemthing this small would work. I believe it can use a standard sized PSU but that would kind of defeat the purpose of the project.

So has anyone here built a mini-ITX computer and wants to share some tips?

Edit: I forgot to mention that I want to keep the cost as low as possible. Around $200 seems totally doable and over $400 is out of the question.

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