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Hey all,

I've been looking for a good free midi editor (Windows or web based) to do what I assumed would be a simple task:
Change all instances of a particular instrument in a midi file to a new instrument.

I generally use Anvil Studio for midi editing, but I have some midi files that were converted from SNES spc files using VGMTrans. The converter places each SNES track on a single midi track, and swaps instruments as the track goes along. For some reason, the programmer of the converter decided to use instruments 1-20, in order, in the midi file, that you are then supposed to also use a custom ripped soundfont from the game in question to listen to. If you do, it generally sound really good. If you don't, it sounds like a cat playing in a garage.

I want to be able to switch the instruments to the closest sounding midi instrument equivalent so it sounds good by itself with no extra soundfont needed.

Every editor I've found will let you change the instrument of the track as a whole, but either wipes out all subsequent instrument changes, or leaves them intact unless you go through the whole entire track and manually correct the instruments at each change. This is fine if there's one or two changes, but I have entire percussive instrument tracks where the instrument switches every time a note is played.

For example, in one particular converted midi, it uses Acoustic Grand Piano when it should be using Church Organ.

I want to be able to say "Hey, Mr Editor, wherever you see Acoustic Grand, please change it to Church Organ. Thaaaaanks." I found *one* online editor that does it, but it destroys other parts of the midi in the process (tempo gets ignored and ruined on export) and it has a 1MB file size limit, and naturally for some reason one of my files is larger than 1 MB.

So, how about it? A midi editor that will change a midi file *per instrument* rather than *per track*?


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Your best bet is going to be to use something like FL studio. The midi gets split into different tracks for each instrument, and you can change them to whichever instrument you prefer.

Percussion is all the same midi instrument though. Each bar represents a different percussion, so one note can be kick, another snare, another hi-hat, etc, but all on the same midi track/instrument.


Is there something special I have to do to make split the midi tracks? I just loaded one of the midis to test it out, and it behaves exactly the same as every other editor I've tried so far, keeping each multi-instrument track as a multi-instrument track :/

The midi files already have multiple tracks. For example, Bloody Tears has 6 used tracks and two blanks.
Track 1 starts as Piano 1, then when percussion kicks in, it toggles between Xylophone and Organ 3 for the rest of the song.

I need that to be split in to a track for Piano 1, a track for Xylophone, and a track for Organ 3 if I will be able to easily switch the instrument.


No, it leaves them just as they are :/ Six active multi-instrument tracks import as six active multi-instrument tracks.
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