media player classic and wmv


My problem goes something like this:

Before I formatted (today), media player classic would play wmv files fine, though it wouldn't load flash files (not that i particularly care about those). I dont recall installing anything special for this to happen.

Now, after formatting and reinstalling various things, when i try playing a wmv file in mpc i get a 'failed to render the file' error (on files it was previously able to open).

anyone know a decent way of getting this damn handy program to play wmv's?


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I did read your second post but I believe MP sometimes misloads files or files played before the file *WMV* somehow mess up MP enough where it has trouble playing the simplest of files. I'm thinking of getting one of those hacked minimal versions of XP without the media player and reporting crap that just take up tons of space and resources constantly so I can use zoomplayer pro for everything virtually except mp3 and of course those are saved for Winamp. <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif>
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