luckiest victories


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in ff IV( 2 in usa) for the snes, I was battling valvalis and all my characters were down except 1 and valvalis was spinning and I only had like 5 HP left. and did like only 3 damage on last hit and it was enought to kill him/her (is it a boy or a girl? I can't really tell, I think it was a girl) but anyway, That was my luckiest victory. post your luckiest victories...

I don't remember the exact circumstances here, but it must have been pretty bad if I went to the trouble of taking out the good camera.
I was once playing Shadow Hearts, and I was battling Yuri's malice. I believe I was at 28HP, and was fairly confident that I could finish the battle with no more than two attacks. So rather than healing, I decided to attack. I hit, then it was the malice's turn.

27HP. It did 27HP of damage. I ended up winning, but it couldn't possible have been closer.
A friend and I were once playing metroid fusion on a rom, switching every time we died on this one certain boss. We had swtched about 15 times, and he had got the boss down to it's final core X HP, but he was only on 4 HP (enough for the Core X to kill him in one shot). He shouted "I did NOT come all this way to be killed by a f***ing CORE X", fired a missile, got lucky, and hit it's eye, killing it in a single shot. Luckiest win ever.
Well it could be better.

Man prolly the only time I touched a Playstation...2 I think? I was playing Monster Rancher, going all smooth and training my guy. Won a few tournaments slowly, until at the end this huge golem guy's out. I hit him, obviously he didn't dodge it (kinda Quest 64 only it's a tournament), he chopped my dog in the back and did like ~123 damage I remember that huge bolded number. Most I ever saw before that was 44? owner was back there cleaning the dishes got your ass kicked....

I didn't touch that damned thing again.
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