LttP: Master Quest patching


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Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Need some advice on this one.

I know how to patch files using lunar ips, but when i patch LttP with the MQ patch, it doesn't work. I got something called snestools, as i was told i had to 'remove the header' so i followed a 'how to remove headers with snestools' guide, yet still, it didn't work.

Any input?
Are you sure your ROM had a header to begin with? If not, I'm not sure if SNES Tool was advanced enough to recognize this and avoid chopping off legitimate data. Incidentally, NRST can add/remove headers and doesn't require a shitty DOS interface. (There are Windows, Mac and *nix versions.)

Do you have the most recent version (1.2) of the hack?

Are you using the verified good version of the ROM? (i.e. the one that most renamers will append a [!] to the file name?)
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