Looking for Rom's in German

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Hey Guys,

this page is amazing. You can Download every damn game.

But i've got a little question:

I'am a german guy and so it will be better for me to play games in german, i think... :D

but where i can get some? here are only english games...

Can you help me please?

Thanks a lot

Is this a Rom request?
Is that Rom page on a Zophar sub domain redirecting here?
Maybe his English is just bad. If he wants Rom translation in German he should just look under the Translation section...

Hang on a minute...


There that's the page he wants, unless he wanted commercial games then that's a no go.

On second thought this is the suggestion form, maybe he wanted some one to update the German translation section.
I don't know what the deal with the ROM page is, but I thought we were keeping ROM request off of the boards...so until someone tells me otherwise (or explains what the deal is) this post shall be locked.
The "deal" is simple. There should be no ROM requests what so ever, unless there are public domain roms. But you should confirm this with other staff members as I might have gotten the wrong idea.
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