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I'm having a heck of a time understanding the exact science behind ripping an audio file with MFAudio and I was wondering if there was someone here who could help explain a few things.

I'm attempting to pull the soundtrack from the PS2 game "Taz: Wanted" (and no, a complete soundtrack of it does not exist on Youtube, I've searched every game OST site I can find as well).

Anyway, I'm finding audio tracks in a file named STREAMS.ps2, and I've narrowed it down to 44100HZ for sure, 16 bit and definitely stereo (2). It's clearly compressed after looking at it with a hex editor, and I'm fairly certain the interleave is near 8000 if not 8000 exactly. The problem is, I don't really understand how offset works, or rather, how it affects interleave.

If I'm understanding things correctly, interleave is like the period of a square wave being used to re-split the audio into two channels. So does that make offset the phase? Interleave is restricted to mults of 0x10, an offset of anything not divisible by 0x10 creates a horrible screeching noise, so I assume it has the same (though not enforced) limitation.

With values of 8000 interleave and 800 byte offset, it almost works. It comes so close, but then starts to become more and more stuttery as the audio progresses. Can anyone give me any hints to figuring out these values a little more exactly? Is there any way I can tell by looking at the data in the file what the offset might be? There's a large bit of empty space before the hex kicks in, can I somehow use this to estimate offset?


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I'm trying to do literally the same. Have you ever gotten it right? I managed to lessen the stuttering by altering the offset to 810, but it's still random.
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I never did. Others who have this soundtrack told me that they used a PC capture card with sound fx turned all the way down. That's a little impractical for grabbing all the modified themes for spinning / sneaking. When I made this post, you could find some but not all of the soundtrack on Youtube. Not sure if that's changed.

EDIT: It has, this is a pretty good one.

How clean is your disc? Mine is a little scratched up so I wonder if some of the stuttering might be due to that. Since there's no real tutorials for this program and my knowledge of this file format is limited, the issue could be that the interleave is some obtuse number like 8010. Without these specifics we may never figure it out. But I've had best results with values for offset between 800 and 900.
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