looking for 64th note v1.1


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oups sorry caplock

the latest version of 64th note is incompatible with Kobarin media player

I find it funny that you didn't remove the caps lock , delete capped sentence, then retype in non-caps...
I don't think this guy is too bright either, as he posted in the wrong forum.

Man I never thought I'd have to move something TO Questions/Suggestions.....
We don't have it, you'll have to ask HCS for it (if you're lucky he'll see this, but you might be best off going over to his site and asking nicely on the forums). If you're lucky, Montie might have a copy of it too. Out of curiosity, why do you need that version?

Actually, I have version 1.0b3 - b6 (as well as some much older versions), but not v1.1 on a personal archive I have if any of those would fit the bill.
please don't yell at me for caplock it was a mistake and I apologized

The 9th Sage, I need it because 1.12beta don't work with my player Kobarin Media Player, I don't use winamp, never, ever.

If you have stable release I'll take your most recent one.
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I don't use winamp, never, ever.

Might I ask, why?

As for contacting hcs, his user profile page is here. Try contacting him through either the PM system or through AIM.

On a slightly unrelated note, I just noticed his UID is 49.... Jesus fuck...
I simply don't like winamp, especially since they try to pack it up with malwares

Kobarin Media Player has a more beautiful and highly powerful UI with a lot of options, too much to sum it up, and it is winamp plugin compatible (at least older plugin)

Kobarin is the must have for chiptune, too bad it wasn't updated for 5 years now ;__;

I still hope that the return of VORC will motivate Kobarin to update his excellent media player.
What, you mean that emusic thing? Eh, that option to install can be easily turned off.

I've always liked the lightweight 2.x skins, and the plugin system still works really well, enh. At least you didn't say you love itunes. I'd have to ban you for that.*

*not really
Sorry to say that I do not have it. I use Winamp. :) The player's homepage only has that version.

Also, quoting the homepage: "64th Note is a USF plugin for Winamp, based on Project64 1.6 by Zilmar and Jabo and Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin. It requires major CPU and memory resources, 300 MHz and 64 MB are the minimum for the least-intensive USF sets, but requirements vary greatly between sets."
At least you didn't say you love itunes. I'd have to ban you for that.*

*not really

At my job i troubleshoot itunes crap. the above quote made me laugh. I hate pretentious image companies.

*watch them dig up this post and get me fired... thats the kind of company they are.

Yeah, ever notice that user friendly programs are more obnoxious than friendly?
Same with user friendly operating systems.
I'm actually tempted to get a Mac myself now, just because I know Brad's reaction would be one for the ages.
O ignorant ones, if only you knew the power of Kobarin Media Player, you'd forget winamp and foobar forever.

Features of Kobarin:

--built-in support for all chiptunes that aren't in PSF format (SPC, GBS, GYM, etc...)
--extention to convert winamp plugins into kobarin plugins (kbi), thus allowing all psf formats (psf, minipsf, psf2, usf, gsf....)
--Built in sound canvas
--Built in extended chiptune infos
--Playlist management
--Remembers files already played in playlist
--A powerful GUI
---Can go full screen, broader view of all features
---Built it explorer on left side similar to windows explorer mode
---Explores and play chiptunes inside archives, including rar and such formats
---A lot of options in the GUI
----ex1: always expand archives or not, expand subfolders or not
----ex2: on click, add to playlist and play, or play without adding or just add without playing
----ex3: auto adjust column width

and much much more...

the only thing missing is shell integration but that's not a problem for me because I use MPC for movies and mp3s

and all that for a 2005 app, not updated ever since, imagine how big will be the next update.

if you are interested in testing Kobarin, I will upload it
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