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so linux is a thing.

while we have 2% of the market share on desktop PC's, Linux has somehow become an ecosystem where you don't feel like you have to make many sacrifices to use anymore.

Steam and SteamOS are things that use linux now, and there are over 2,000 commercial games for linux, with tons more coming.
Every major current emulator but Cemu is ported, and Cemu works under WINE.
RetroArch and lakka turn a raspberry pi into a bona fide video game console.
RPCS3 is now starting to run games better than in Windows.
vulkan is supported/supportable on hardware as old as 2005 in linux.
Wannacry is burning down the Microsoft gardens, and linux users get a front row seat to watch it burn.

why aren't you running gentoo? or at least Linux Mint Debian Edition?
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