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I had an idea for a fun website and I’ve decided to take the opportunity and relearn HTML/CSS. It’s been great fun so far but I’ve run into a minor roadblock.

Here is the situation.

Let’s say that I have links to ten different grocery lists on this website. Users can click on a link and the link takes them to a page that displays the contents of the list. Easy, right?

I also want to have the option to select all lists that have certain items, like eggs or eggs and milk, and so on. So the user should be able to see a display of ten lists and if they want to see which lists contain eggs, eggs and milk, or whatever, they select the appropriate item from a navigation bar and the right lists will then be highlighted.

If they click on the corresponding lists, the appropriate item(s) will also be highlighted.

The search wouldn’t have to be dynamic….everything can be hard coded since the lists will never change.

I really thought I could accomplish this using just HTML and CSS. All I would have to do is assign a unique id to the lists and the items. Different style sheets could be applied so that when a user clicks the ‘eggs’ selection, all applicable lists that have ‘eggs’ on them will be highlighted and if the user clicks on them, ‘eggs’ would be highlighted on the list itself.

But the more that I learn about CSS, the more I think that I can’t accomplish it that way and I might have to look at using another solution, like writing something simple in PHP. I don’t know squat about PHP and I don’t really want to but if it gets the job done, I’ll do it.

What is the simplest way to accomplish this?
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you could use PHP if you want them to submit the form in order to see which list is what, but if you want instant selection, you need JavaScript.
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